LearningExpress Library Usage

LearningExpress Library is one of our favorite resource because it provides the customer to study for tests, take a practice test, and then lets them repeat the process if necessary.  Can you guess what the top 3 tests are?

  1. GED Practice
  2. College Placement
  3. Math Skills Improvement

But in the ebooks section of LearningExpress Library, things look a little different:

  1. Math and Reasoning Skills Improvement
  2. Writing Skills Improvement
  3. Civil Service

Finally, in the online course section, the GED, Math, and Writing courses are up on top, but Microsoft Excel is right up there, too!  These are the statistics from 2012, so it will be interesting to see what 2013 brings.

One thought on “LearningExpress Library Usage

  1. bbuckingham

    LearningExpress has the CUNY skills assessment test. This is the “Compass” test which determines at which level you are placed. This probably accounts for the high college placement use

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