Farewell to HeritageQuest

It’s never easy to let an electronic resource subscription cease.  As we were renewing our subscription to World Vital Records this year, we looked closely at our usage of that product compared with HeritageQuest.  The Reference Services Committee was surprised to see that usage of HQ was slowly decreasing and the usage of WVR was increasing:

2012 2013
HeritageQuest World Vital Records HeritageQuest World Vital Records
January 8965 168 5040 8787
February 8101 4373 5186 8431
March 7572 6698 5156 7490
April 7652 12800 4517 9607
May 5289 6256 5873 17013
June 5582 9385 3500 11822
July 3815 8758 3856 16457
August 3770 9562 3945 14099
September 5088 11338 4947 16664
October 5008 8494 5104 11082
November 4531 10501
December 4359 7533

We originally subscribed to HQ for its census images.  We wanted to provide a product for US Census images to our home users, but unfortunately when HQ was acquired by ProQuest the indexing of the 1930 census stopped–it’s still listed as partial, as are many of the state indexes for the 1940 census.  WVR now has the entire run, 1790-1940, as well as many databases that are included in AncestryLibrary (not available from home).

When we evaluated the content, the cost, and the usage, we made the choice to continue with World Vital Records and drop HeritageQuest.  There might be some impact on the customers who used the product for county or family history books, but those can be obtained through interlibrary loan.  This is effective December 31, 2013.

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