That Pesky Blue and Gold Book

Once again branches are receiving an unsolicited copy of the Blue Book:  Building and Construction, Pacific Northwest Edition.  In 2007 the Reference Services Committee decided that we would no longer catalog this publication.  We suggested at that time that this be included in the telephone directory area of your library.  And you’re welcome to keep a copy in your office, if you have need of such information on a daily basis.

Please do not send these to Service Center!

Generic logins at service desk computers

At yesterday’s Reference Services Committee meeting there was an interesting discussion about the generic login for staff service desk computers.  After a lot of back and forth, we’ve come up with the following recommendations:

  1. The generic login is a group effort.  Password updates should be communicated to everyone.
  2. Have IE, Chrome, and Firefox available on the computer.  You never know which browser is going to give you fits and starts.  For example, AllData is not compatible with Chrome at this time; it works in IE or Firefox.  And it helps IT if you include the browser name in any Tech Reports
  3. The bookmarks or favorites associated with each browser should be agreed upon by staff working at that service point.
  4. Out of courtesy to your co-workers, don’t rearrange the desktop without discussing the arrangement with the whole team.

We also have a question for you–if the computer was crashing and you could only save 3 of the staff favorites or bookmarks in a browser, what would you save?  These are usually the things that you found after a significant amount of work on a question.  Post your response to this blog!

LearningExpress Library Changes

We’ve had some customers who had not finished their practice tests in LearningExpress Library (LEL) when we moved onto the new platform.  LEL has given us a temporary solution.  When you select LearningExpress, there is now a choice for the new version 3.0 or the older version 2.0.




Note:  LEL 2.0 will only be available through June, 2014.  Please encourage customers to finish their work and then create a new account in 3.0.  And yes, they must create a new account.  This version is entirely new and the old user name and password will not work.

FamilySearch and WorldCat

Nearly a year ago FamilySearch and OCLC announced a partnership to exchange services. Search results from the OCLC catalog,, would include the holdings of the FamilySearch Salt Lake City Family History Library (FHL). Search results from the FamilySearch catalog (formerly the Family History Library Catalog) would included results from WorldCat.  If you have a moment, take a look at this AncestryBlog article for an update.

Top Mango Languages in 2013

It’s always interesting to see what our customers are using.  Once again Pirate tops Polish!

Language and number of users:

Spanish (Latin) Basic & Complete 2.0
French Basic & Complete 2.0
Spanish Complete 1.0
German Basic & Complete 2.0
French Complete 1.0
Chinese (Mandarin) Basic & Complete 2.0
Japanese Basic & Complete 2.0
Italian Basic & Complete 2.0
Russian Basic & Complete 2.0
ESL Spanish (Latin)
Pirate Basic
Korean Basic & Complete 2.0
Portuguese (Brazil) Basic & Complete 2.0
Latin Basic & Complete 2.0
Croatian Basic & Complete 2.0
Norwegian Basic & Complete 2.0
Italian Complete 1.0
Chinese (Mandarin) Complete 1.0
Polish Basic & Complete 2.0
Turkish Basic & Complete 2.0


Top GVRL Titles in December

Looks like a lot of school assignment needs were being met this month:

Mammals of the Northern Hemisphere 2011
Anxiety Disorders 2010
Pirates Through the Ages Reference Library: Primary Sources
The Endocrine System 2012
Gale Library of Daily Life: American Civil War, vol. 1
History in Dispute, vol. 12
American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America 2011
Diseases, Disorders, and Injuries 2011
American Indian Biographies, Rev. ed. 2005
World War I Reference Library, vol. 1: World War I Almanac