Generic logins at service desk computers

At yesterday’s Reference Services Committee meeting there was an interesting discussion about the generic login for staff service desk computers.  After a lot of back and forth, we’ve come up with the following recommendations:

  1. The generic login is a group effort.  Password updates should be communicated to everyone.
  2. Have IE, Chrome, and Firefox available on the computer.  You never know which browser is going to give you fits and starts.  For example, AllData is not compatible with Chrome at this time; it works in IE or Firefox.  And it helps IT if you include the browser name in any Tech Reports
  3. The bookmarks or favorites associated with each browser should be agreed upon by staff working at that service point.
  4. Out of courtesy to your co-workers, don’t rearrange the desktop without discussing the arrangement with the whole team.

We also have a question for you–if the computer was crashing and you could only save 3 of the staff favorites or bookmarks in a browser, what would you save?  These are usually the things that you found after a significant amount of work on a question.  Post your response to this blog!

3 thoughts on “Generic logins at service desk computers

  1. Kathy S

    I would want to save “”. I use it all the time to find out the order of books in a series.

  2. MartaM

    The SIL internet login and Library Online. When I’m using a computer that don’t have these two sites bookmarked, it always takes me three times as long to find them as it does to find other websites. I use these sites a lot for RINCs, SINCS and helping patrons find a computer. Most of the other sites I can get to with a quick search in the web browser.

  3. Donna

    I would save since it’s a great resource to address a broad spectrum of questions covering most topics one could think of.

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