Intranet Changes!

It was bound to happen–the intranet pages for reference services needed an overhaul.  And it has begun.  Some old pages have been deleted, some have been edited, some have been renamed.  Here’s a brief synopsis:


  • Annual/Biennial List by Call Number
  • Annual/Biennial List by Title
  • Developing References Procedures That Are Unique to Each Building
  • Model Reference Behaviors Checklist
  • Reference Collection Responsibilities
  • Reference Procedures
  • Reference Referral Network
  • Reference Referral Network Flowchart
  • Subject specialties for Reference Centers
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)



Many pages have been edited with the name change to Information Services from Adult/Teen Services.


Renamed and edited:

What was once the Prisoner Letter is now the Prison Inmate Letter.   It also no longer starts with Dear Mr–not all prison inmates are men!

We will continue to work on this as the Information Services Project progresses, so keep your eye out for more changes in the near future.

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