New features in Demographics Now!

Watch for some really cool enhancements to Demographics Now in early October.  Here’s the blurb from Gale:

Now, small business owners in your community can be even savvier with more customer knowledge.  A new feature within DemographicsNow! gives your business users the ability to upload their customer or business data and blend it with rich consumer information, like demographics, psychographics, and Experian consumer segments!


In early October, the new customized reports will be available to business owners throughDemographicsNow! Business and People. The reporting (formerly “Report Wizards”) tab will have several new reporting options where users can upload their data securely in the cloud-based tool, where it’s blended with demographic data, and creates a report with valuable insights. The existing custom geography selection functionality provides the ability to input a single target location and to define trade areas.

What this means is that your local entrepreneurs can learn more about who is currently being served by their business, and who isn’t, so they can make adjustments in their products or services to grow their customer base and increase revenue.

DemographicsNow accepts address data in XLS, XLSX, or CSV formats. Checkboxes are used to customize the analysis, like to limit by geography.  Read more about this.

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