There’s a form for that!

At Sno-Isle Libraries, we strive to be help customers in any way we can. However, there are some questions that we simply cannot fully address. A great example being in-depth legal questions.

However, in the case of straightforward legal questions, we have some amazing library resources at our disposal! We of course have our Legal Information Reference Center, which provides access to a collection of legal reference items. But in this post, I want to really point out the wealth of free information available in the Legal Forms database.

I am often surprised when I hear that customers have spent money in order to download their needed legal form from the Internet. Sometimes, at an alarming price, for questionable quality. Luckily, we can circumvent this issue with our Legal Forms database!

The forms in this database are neatly organized by category, with the most popular appearing in blue at the left side of the page. Better still, these forms are specific for Washington State, and where applicable, provide forms specific to certain courts. By clicking on a particular topic, you will see a list of forms, further separated by a number of factors. Just remember, we can only help a customer find a particular form. It is never a good idea to try interpret how the form should be used, or to fill the form out for the customer. In these instances, the best course of action is to refer the customer to an expert!

Bonus: The Legal Forms database also has an attorney directory, legal terms dictionary, and a treasure trove of other helpful resources!

Happy searching! -Rickey Barnett, Research Team

GVRL Crush

There is a lot to love about the Gale Virtual Reference Library. If you help students of any age, make sure this resource is one of your demos when you highlight the Online Library.

There was, of course, a time when students could get the books they needed only when the library building was open. Not so anymore. This collection of full-text online reference books is a near 5,000 title home library for anyone with a library card and internet access.

Students can read, listen to, search, download, send, and cite every book in the collection, 24 hours a day. To the delight of parents and teachers and (possibly) to the disappointment of some students, GVRL means there is no longer an excuse for not being able to finish homework. The books come to you. What’s not to love?