Changes to RINC Article Request Form

At Joe Munson’s suggestion, the following changes have been made:

First, on the submission form filled out by the patron, the “Date Published” field has been changed to “Issue Date” and the “Issue” field has been  changed to “Issue Number” and  comes immediately after the “Volume” field instead of before it.

Second, on the form viewed by staff, the “Publication Date” field has been changed to “Issue Date” and the “Issue” field has been changed to “Issue Number”.

Intranet Changes!

It was bound to happen–the intranet pages for reference services needed an overhaul.  And it has begun.  Some old pages have been deleted, some have been edited, some have been renamed.  Here’s a brief synopsis:


  • Annual/Biennial List by Call Number
  • Annual/Biennial List by Title
  • Developing References Procedures That Are Unique to Each Building
  • Model Reference Behaviors Checklist
  • Reference Collection Responsibilities
  • Reference Procedures
  • Reference Referral Network
  • Reference Referral Network Flowchart
  • Subject specialties for Reference Centers
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)



Many pages have been edited with the name change to Information Services from Adult/Teen Services.


Renamed and edited:

What was once the Prisoner Letter is now the Prison Inmate Letter.   It also no longer starts with Dear Mr–not all prison inmates are men!

We will continue to work on this as the Information Services Project progresses, so keep your eye out for more changes in the near future.

Proctoring Log Template Available on Intranet

If your branch library does not currently have a method of tracking proctoring requests & tests that come in, you may want to consider using a log to do so.  Based on the logs in use at the Marysville & Mill Creek Libraries, we have posted a template on the Intranet for your use:

Any questions about proctoring?  Please contact your regional RSC Representative or Terry Beck (x7016).

ValueLine Investment Survey Available Online to Sno-Isle Libraries Customers

The ValueLine Investment Survey is now available online to both our library and remote users.

The Value Line Investment Survey serves as a comprehensive, multifaceted investment management solution used by both individual and professional investors to conduct basic research, formulate sound investment strategies, identify timely opportunities and make smart investment decisions.

Each subscription provides three sections updated weekly, more frequently online, and a range of services and features that is prismatic in scope: richly detailed financial data, objective analysis, proven price and market predictions, powerful analytic tools, insightful commentary, and more.

The nucleus of the Value Line research system is an in-depth, regularly updated database spanning approximately 1,700 of the most actively traded U.S. exchange-listed stocks, drawn from over 90 industry sectors and representing about 95% of total U.S. stock market capitalization. Further, each company in this broad universe is continuously evaluated by Value Line for expected 6-12 month price performance relative to the others, and assigned an exclusive Timeliness™ ranking.

These vast financial data and price forecasts are just part of the synergistic combination of tools and resources available within The Value Line Investment Survey:

Ratings and Reports: Each week, a selection of full-page stock reports with updated analysis on approximately 130 stocks in a handful of industries, presented on a rotating basis such that all of the Value Line 1,700 companies are covered each 13-week quarter. Each page pinpoints current and historic financial data, detailed financial results, 3-5 year price and earnings projections, charts, rankings, forward-looking, objective analyst commentaries, and more.

Summary & Index: An excellent, wide-angle overview of the Value Line  universe covering summary information on all stocks in the Investment Survey, plus statistics and screens; the ability to drill down to a select group of stocks based on pre-set screens – with user-defined screens; and, a look ahead at Value Line’s “Hypothesized Economic Environment.

Selection & Opinion: Current economic and market statistics and forecasts, examinations of various “story stocks,” Standard and user-defined (online) model portfolios, and lively news and commentary on markets and economies, including political and social impacts.

The latest weekly issue of the Value Line Investment Survey is posted to our web site at 8:00 AM Eastern time on Mondays.

Premium Content Procedures Added to Intranet

We have added the procedures involved in adding new subscription electronic resources (“Premium Content”) to the Intranet.  You will also find a link to the checklist we ask vendors to complete as part of our evaluation of their product.  Work continues on documentation of the criteria that staff use to evaluate the content within each resource for decision-making.