Chasing the blues away

Once again branches are receiving an unsolicited copy of the Blue Book:  Building and Construction, Pacific Northwest Edition.  In 2007 the Reference Services Committee decided that we would no longer catalog this publication.  We suggested at that time that this be included in the telephone directory area of your library.  And you’re welcome to keep a copy in your office, if you have need of such information on a daily basis.

Please do not send these to Service Center!

QuestionPoint Carries On!

Despite our snowstorm-caused building closures over the past few days, our virtual patrons have continued to ask their questions.  And many of them are notifying us that they’re unable to get to our buildings to return books or pick up holds.  We’ve been able to assist them, whenever possible, even when our buildings are closed.  This truly is a 24/7 service!

Gale Virtual Reference Library Usage in November

Once again, Encyclopedia Judaica rules!  Here are the top ten:

  1. Encyclopaedia Judaica 2nd ed. 22v 2007
  2. The Gale Encyclopedia of Science 4th ed. 6v 2008
  3. The College Blue Book 35th ed. 6v 2008
  4. Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 2nd ed. 6v 2008
  5. Manufacturing & Distribution USA: Industry Analyses Statistics and Leading Companies 5th ed. 3v 2009
  6. New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd ed. 15v 2003
  7. Colonial America Reference Library 6v 2000
  8. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law 2nd ed. 13v 2005
  9. New Encyclopedia of Africa 2nd ed. 5v 2008
  10. Ancient Civilizations Reference Library 4v 2000

Annual-Biennial List Update

The Reference Services Committee has completed this year’s edit of the Annual-Biennial List.   It will be posted on the intranet later this week.  There are some significant changes:

RCW–the Revised Code of Washington and WAC–the Washington Administrative Code will be in reference at EDM LYN MAR MIL MON MUK OAK SNO only.  The online edition of these has dramatically improved since its last revision, so we recommend that other branches use this.  There’s always the option of requesting a page from one of the eight libraries listed above.

Writer’s Market series —  poets, artists, photographers, etc.  We will no longer purchase these for reference.  Our ANF selectors are aware of this and will adjust quantities ordered if necessary.

Peterson’s College Guides — we will no longer purchase these for reference.

Grolier databases to be withdrawn

The 2009 materials budget finds us working with a smaller database budget.  The Reference Services Committee has been studying use of all databases and calculating the cost per use of many of these eresources.  The Grolier package has historically been underused, despite our attempts to spread the word about it.  Our subscription will end on December 22 and when that happens, we suggest these alternatives:

Lands and Peoples

  1. Culturgrams
  2. History & Geography ebookshelf
  3. A new website:  Many cultures of the world, by country and region. 

Amazing Animals

  1. Science & Technology ebookshelf
  2. Amazing Animals of the World:

Multimedia Encyclopedia

  1.  Our own webpage with dictionary and encyclopedia information.
  2. Funk & Wagnells, which is in EBSCO