Federated Searching

Today marks the end of our subscription to SerialsSolutions 360 Suite of products including 360 Search, eJournal portal (searching for online subscriptions by title), and 360 Link.

We are changing vendors and adding EBSCO’s Integrated Search, A to Z, and LinkSource to replace these services.  The migration will happen during the month of July and our new services will be available as of August 1st.  This timing will allow us to have a month of familiarization, online training, etc. before the school year starts.  If you are already familiar with searching in an EBSCO database, you will find the Integrated Search interface very similar.

During the migration month of July, it will be a little more difficult to search within our online periodical subscription content.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christa Werle (x7160) or Terry Beck (x7016).  And remember our Magazines page:


We are looking forward to a more user-friendly, fast, streamlined search in August!

Career Product Comparisons

The Reference Services Committee needs to make a decision regarding which ONE career electronic resource we will subscribe to in 2010.  Our choices are:

For a web presentation of Career Transitions, please visit here (you have to enter some contact information, but don’t worry Gale knows to talk to Terry or Christa):  https://www.brainshark.com/gale/vu?pi=zGVzxKN1Yz25pYz0

This choice will be discussed at the July 20th RSC meeting and a decision made.  Please leave your comments here regarding all three product possibilities.  We will poll our reference contacts in mid-July with a short survey.  Any questions?  Christa Werle, x7160

Maintenance: Marquis Who’s Who

Marquis Who’s Who just announced that on Thursday June 10, 2010, they will be launching a new website.  The online database will be unavailable from 5am-9am (PST).  They apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.

More to come on the new site; this is all they have said so far:

“Our new website will have a brand new appearance so please select the Online Database link which will then provide you with a log in page.”

Product Trial: EBSCO Integrated Search


Userid: sno-isle
Password: eh1s

The following subscriptions are NOT currently included in our trial of this federated search product:

  • Associations Unlimited
  • Biography and Geneaology Master Index
  • Biography Resource Center
  • History Resource Center: U.S.
  • History Resource Center: World
  • RefUSA

Please share your comparisons of this feedback to our current 360 Search federated search product.  The Reference Services Committee will be making a decision regarding changing our federated search platform from 360 Search to EBSCO Integrated Search in July.

New reference books

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure that everyone is remembering to return (in CARL) new Reference books when they arrive in your building.  If you don’t, the status of  in transit doesn’t go away and the item can end up on the dreaded Long In-Transit Report.