Top GVRL Titles in December

Looks like a lot of school assignment needs were being met this month:

Mammals of the Northern Hemisphere 2011
Anxiety Disorders 2010
Pirates Through the Ages Reference Library: Primary Sources
The Endocrine System 2012
Gale Library of Daily Life: American Civil War, vol. 1
History in Dispute, vol. 12
American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America 2011
Diseases, Disorders, and Injuries 2011
American Indian Biographies, Rev. ed. 2005
World War I Reference Library, vol. 1: World War I Almanac

EBSCO Changes This Summer

EBSCO is releasing several updates and enhancements, including:

  • Improvements to the overall look of the Search, Search Results, and Detailed Record pages within EBSCOhost, providing a more visually appealing interface to end users.
  • The feature previously labeled Alert/Save/Share is now labeled Share.  All of the existing functionality of this feature remains the same. This change is one of several small updates that further optimizes the interface for language translation.

In addition to the above enhancements, Visual Search will be discontinued in all EBSCO databases and interfaces.  This change enables them to focus on additional enhancements and improvements to many of the popular features you rely on in their products.

Changes Ahead for LearningExpress

This fall LearningExpress will launch a new interface–3.0.  Here’s the blurb from their press release:

Upgraded features in LearningExpress Library 3.0 include a sleek new format and user interface that provides easier access to content. Libraries have the option of posting links to the overall library or posting direct links to specific centers—a collection of related resources organized around a theme or classification of user (i.e., a college student, etc.). Users can now search and access tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks before signing in and downloading content into their secure personalized portfolio, “My Center.”

The new test preparation tools enable users to select viewing answers during testing or at the end, after scoring. Practice in untimed or timed modes help students and adults prepare for a wide range of academic and career-oriented exams.

The new tutorial design provides more feedback and guidance, including pre- and post-tutorial assessments and prescribed study plans with links to content for additional learning. Improving basic skills in reading, writing, math, and basic science will be easier than ever with more recommendations for follow-up learning, for further practice and review.

Please note:  when we migrate to 3.0 we will keep 2.0 active for 6 months since our customers may have work-in-progress.  Sometime in mid-2014 LearningExpress will shut down 2.0. 

And Windows 8 tutorials will be included in the new interface.

New Learning Express Content

New and Updated Online Practice Exams
New practice exams will be available to users preparing for the NCLEX-PN®, ISEE®,  and SSAT® Tests. We’ve also updated the Praxis II®: PLT Practice Tests and AP* Biology Practice Exams to meet the latest specifications for these tests.  Patrons will also have access to two additional Civil Service Practice Exams.

New eBooks
The inventory of vocational and instructional eBooks has grown with the addition of new test preparation guides for career certification exams, the GED® test, college placement tests, and health field entrance exams.


New and Updated Online Practice Exams

NCLEX-PN® Practice Exams

  • NCLEX-PN® Practice Exam 1
  • NCLEX-PN® Practice Exam 2
  • NCLEX-PN® Practice Exam 3

AP* Biology Practice Exams

  • AP* Biology Practice Exam 1: Section I
  • AP* Biology Practice Exam 2: Section II
  • AP* Biology Practice Exam 1: Section I
  • AP* Biology Practice Exam 2: Section II

Additional Civil Service Practice Exams

  • Civil Service Practice Exam 3
  • Civil Service Practice Exam 4

ISEE® Practice Tests

  • ISEE® Practice Test: Lower Level
  • ISEE® Practice Test: Middle Level
  • ISEE® Practice Test: Upper Level

SSAT® Practice Test

  • SSAT® Upper Level Practice Test

Praxis II® Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Practice Tests

  • Praxis II®: PLT Practice Test: Early Childhood (0621 and 5621)
  • Praxis II®: PLT Practice Test: Grades K–6 (0622 and 5622)
  • Praxis II®: PLT Practice Test: Grades 5–9 (0623 and 5623)
  • Praxis II®: PLT Practice Test: Grades 7–12 (0624 and 5624)

New eBooks

Professional Skills

  • Civil Service Exams Power Practice
  • Firefighter Exam, 5th Edition
  • Health Occupations Entrance Exams, 3rd Edition
  • Medical Assistant Exam, 2nd Edition

Academic Skills

  • GED® Test Flash Review
  • College Placement Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day

* AP is a registered trademarks of the College Board. GED is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education. ISEE is a registered trademark of the Educational Records Bureau. NCLEX-PN is a registered trademark of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. PRAXIS II is a registered trademark of ETS. SSAT is a registered trademark of the Secondary School Admission Test Board. None was involved in the production of, and they do not endorse, this product.

Top Ten GVRL Titles in November

Interesting top ten this time.

Stress-Related Disorders Sourcebook e3 2011
Strategic Management, 1st American ed. 2009
Aztec, Rev. ed. 2011
Reincarnation 2009
Building a Team 2011
Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library, vol. 1: Almanac, vol.1
VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever e2013 2013
Business Plans Handbook, vol. 25
Religions, 1st American ed 2008
Science and Its Times, vol. 3: 1450-1699

GVRL Usage in October

Wow, can you tell that there’s a charter school initiative on the Washington ballot?  Here are our top ten:

Charter School Movement e2 2009
Asperger’s Syndrome 2009
Grow Herbs 2010
The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 4th ed., vol. 1
Tokyo 2011
Science and Its Times, vol. 3: 1450-1699
Children’s Book of Art 2009
Novels for Students, vol. 2
21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook, vol. 1
U*X*L Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, 2nd ed., vol. 4