All ProQuest Subscriptions Now Have New Platform

I have just completed turning on the new platform for all of our current ProQuest subscriptions.  Here is a list of what might look different to you now:

  • ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry
  • Alt-Press Watch
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • ProQuest Discovery
  • Ethnic News Watch
  • New York Times – Current
  • New York Times – Historical
  • ProQuest Newsstand
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • Washington State Newsstand

If you would like to review online training information (videos, fact sheets, reference guides, etc.), please visit the ProQuest Support Site: or contact Christa Werle, (x7160).

RTF Lists and Reference Items

As we’ve moved into the world of Polaris and RTF, I wanted to make sure that everyone understood the implications for reference items.  We will no longer have a separate item level request list, so it’s possible that you will see reference items on the list.  If you have any questions, please contact me before you process the request.  I’ll do my best to find you an answer!

Terry   x7016

Job & Career Accelerator Upgrade

On April 4, 2011, our subscription will be automatically upgraded to version 3.0. Every one of our patrons and students will have immediate access to all of the latest features and enhancements, outlined below..  All existing work, personal information, and documents from earlier versions of Job & Career Accelerator are accessible in the latest version.

Job & Career Accelerator integrates everything job seekers need to conduct a successful job search, with features such as the new Homepage, which provides quick access to tools like the resume and letter builders to begin new documents, and Computer Skills tutorials to prepare for today’s work environment.
What else is new in Job & Career Accelerator 3.0?

  • New tutorial on completing job applications
  • More than 25,000 job specific keywords and action words
  • Newly updated data including wages and salaries from the U.S. DOL
  • Easier direct access to Computer Skills tutorials from the Tools tab
  • New print feature for Occupation Cards
  • New topic based user’s tutorial
  • New Homepage, which provides an easier to use interface for getting started
  • User feedback surveys and detailed statistics–coming in May

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding Job & Career Accelerator, please contact Christa Werle (x7160).

New Databases & Research Pages

One part of the IPRS work plan in 2010 included revising the design of the Databases & Research pages to better engage our customers with robust and seamless access to our online resources, in line with Goal V of our Strategic Plan.

Based on common threads in past surveys of staff, information requests from our online customers, evaluation of other library sites, and feedback from a communications and marketing consultant we created a list of what was working well and what needed improvement.  We determined what areas involved other work groups and have worked with Web Services, Community Libraries, Children’s & Teen Services, and the Reference Services Committee to refine and update the design of our Databases & Research pages.

We have tried to simplify and clean up what is available by adding a graphic orientation to the landing page and then limiting the resources available on each subject page (with an expanded number of subjects) to the best 3-10 resources available online.  We have tried to personalize and promote our librarians as information professionals by providing pictures and contact linkages to the librarians/libraries that are responsible for maintaining each subject page.  We have edited each resource description to be concise and meaningful to our public customers.

Though the date may get pushed back to accommodate Polaris Transition priorities, we are currently hoping to go live with these pages on April 4th.

Please take a look at the SPEC pages:

And PLEASE, share your comments and feedback here on the blog.

DIY Trials

Though we had trials for Do It Yourself products scheduled later in the year, we are going ahead with trials now.  There is a limited number of products available and by trialling them now, we can evaluate access sooner and work to fill remaining gaps with our eBook collections.

So, please visit this EBSCO trial site over the next 30 days and take a look at Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center and the Home Improvement Reference Center.  Post your comments and feedback here on the blog.  These trials will expire on 4/20/11 and then be evaluated by the Reference Services Committee.

To Login to the Free Trial:
Go to:
User Id: snoisle
Password: library

How now for COW?

The Reference Services Committee has been working on a redesign of the screen that our customers see when they use one of the Catalog Only Workstations (COWs) in our buildings.  After much discussion, here’s what you’ll see when we go live with Polaris at the end of the month:

Many thanks to Colleen and Mike who were able to squeeze this in amidst their huge task list.  We really appreciate it and know that our customers will, too.



Auto Repair Reference Center New Interface Preview is Now Available

EBSCO recently announced plans to provide us with access to a preview of the updated Auto Repair Reference Center user interface.

Salient features of the new interface will include:

  • Enhanced searching within content collections
  • The ability to email high-quality PDFs
  • A 5.7% increase in vehicle coverage (from 35,000 to 37,000)
  • More (millions) drawings and step-by-step photographs
  • More (110,000) technical service bulletins and recalls from OEMs
  • More (180,000) enhanced wiring diagrams for easy viewing and printing

For a detailed overview of the features and functionality of the new ARRC interface, please join one of the following available (free) online training sessions:

Please view and share this 5-minute tutorial regarding the ARRC BETA interface:,uid&profile=arrc